Monday, July 11, 2011

Redeeming the Lemon

Little H spent the day recovering from a fever bug that she had over the weekend. While mild on all accounts, it left her pretty drained. That said, today she spent part of her time doing normal sorts of things like walking around the loft with an old phone bill folded up proclaiming that it was her Bible. At other moments however, she would spontaneous erupt into tears and plead for three things - her binkies, her baby bear and her bed. I complied, so throughout this longer than usual Monday, we teetered between these two extremes knowing that home was the best place to be.

Meanwhile, the eight year-old and I came up with things to occupy our time while the little one lounged in her crib. We read several chapters of The Pinderwicks on our front lawn - great summer read for girls and boys alike. Then we drew on the adage of turning lemons into lemonade and quite literally turned the latter into an afternoon treat*If you feel inspired to take this on, we found that it takes twice as long (at least in our freezer) to freeze each layer (think all day project). Also, I cut the sugar in half for the simple syrup and used Elderberry juice for the purple layer. Have fun!


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