Sunday, August 7, 2011


Every time we arrive on Wahsatch Avenue a part of me feels like I'm home. My friendship with Janna spans decades and while that can at times make me feel old, more often it leaves me feeling grateful. 

Our lives have morphed dramatically from our cinder block walled beginnings. We have husbands, kids, dogs and mortgages. Our concerns over boyfriends and midterms have been replaced with matters all together more important. As she and I peer toward the midlife corridor I think we find ourselves facing it with more questions than answers. But for now,  long summer days outweigh the angst over what comes next. 

To be able to show up for eight straight days at someone's house - with all sorts of dietary weirdness and general quirks right alongside your luggage - and to then find yourselves welcomed is a gift that few can offer. The Joneses did just that. This family defines hospitality in ways that Merriam Webster cannot. Here are just a few highlights from our time in the Rockies.

        Time in the garden - as Mary and Laura Ingalls - or just plain Phil. 

Watching the littlest inch her way into the big kid crowd 

Getting really dirty most days

The Little Dipper pool left Hailey feeling entirely different about the world of aquatics in all the right ways 

One very hot morning of fishing, exploring and picnicking at Manitou Lake

Harvesting Crab Apples for hours with Baxter and Bailey 

Experiencing life on the farm at Rock Ledge Ranch

On one afternoon, thunderstorms = a kids yoga session

 ...and one unfortunate encounter between Baxter and a skunk. In the end, the Joneses prevailed with only slight traces of Mr. Le Pew by the week's end. 


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