Friday, August 26, 2011

One Week

One week. 
The neighborhood kids have returned to school. I've heard the word bored at least three times since then. I know our time is coming, yet there's still so much to do. 

I had the chance to sit with a dozen or so women yesterday evening and drink in the wisdom of Kimberly Bredberg. Part of me felt like I should have spent that time at the office supply store gathering those last few things. In some ways that's exactly why I went. My tendencies towards order, towards all things structured and obtainable in real terms can ultimately stifle the very essence of what I'm working so hard to foster in my daughters. 

Bredberg reminded me of that. She did it with grace and inspiration and with so much room for translation into our own space in which we educate. She explored how diligence and creativity are entirely compatible - how imagination must ultimately move beyond itself in order to bloom. I marvel at how brilliance and simplicity delicately dance their way through childhood. Their movements are precarious. It is both daunting and exhilarating to realize this for parents and educators alike.  

She introduced us to Sir Ken Robinson. He's a man I'm sure will both challenge and inspire my thinking; but this will have to wait until later this fall.

For now, I plan to take this coming week to share the path we're traveling this year - the specifics and the dreams. Stay tuned! 

"Learning is an unruly algorithm, a one-step-at-a-time journey with unexpected side strolls. Excellence is achieved as the student is taught to respond to the creative impulse and is provided opportunities to respond to that impulse by exerting a balance of effort and attitude." 

- Habits of Being, Kimberly Bredberg


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  1. Not sure whether to bless you or curse you!!! Ha!! Ha!! Ha!! I've never heard of this Kimberly person, but I like her stuff. I've been looking for a writing program for my 7th and 9th grade boys and I like the way hers is organized. I'm a homeschool curriculum junky of sorts. Always checking things out. . . so now I have to add one to the list! Anyways, thanks!!!