Thursday, September 1, 2011


Bible is an interesting one for us. While our faith extends beyond the classroom each day, I have not yet settled on how to integrate this naturally and with ease within the context of our home studies. Often it just comes up as we explore topics and questions arise. I've liked this approach. And I'd also like to build on it a bit.

What I fear is turning our Bible time into something we have to do. That's not the tone I'm going for in any subject really, and especially not Bible. Still, inevitably those days will come when my one and only pupil will have her heart set on something other than the parting of the Red Sea. Then, we'll learn about grace.

At this point, Hannah seems to struggle most with the intangibility of it all (don't we all, really)? On the one hand her heart is deeply moved by the plight of the poor, stories of the Bible and accounts of missionaries. She pours over her Children's Bible and takes a genuine interest in the children we sponsor through Compassion International. Meanwhile she struggles deeply with life's big questions; why is there suffering in the world and why did Eve have to eat that stupid apple? She has also wrestled with the idea of prayer - where the heck is God anyway? 

At the end of the day, I can totally relate. My hope is that over the course of this year I can provide her with a bit more context and understanding for God's word - that her heart will find comfort in His love for her even when things don't exactly add up.  I'm excited to explore this realm with her!  

So when it comes to 2nd Grade Bible in these parts, we're aiming to follow her passions and her lead. While I'm a stickler on things like memorizing math facts and mastering grammar, Bible study is simply different territory - at least in my mind. She may never pray - not once this entire year. We will skip all over the place and back again. And some days, beach time may trump Old Testament. That's okay. We're going to roll with it and trust that seeds are being sown. 

Here are my 3 aims for our more formalized learning: 

1. Building on the historical time period that we're already studying (Ancients)

2. Exploring how people around the world live their lives and how we can be praying for them

3. Reading inspirational accounts of how God has worked in the lives of other people


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