Friday, October 14, 2011

A Date with Ted

Date Night. It's a great concept. Phil and I like each other a lot and certainly enjoy spending time together. Still when Friday night rolls around neither one of us are terribly inclined to head out the door once the girls are down. 

As of late we've opted to stay in. When the dinner hour winds down or simply falls flat by way of the tired toddler, we turn our attention to what we've termed full court press. One of us cleans up the kitchen and preps the downstairs quarters (while intentionally forgoing all distractions - electronic or otherwise) while the other one helps the girls shower and get ready for bed. 

When I'm on kitchen duty I change into something comfortable, light our essential oil burner (cinnamon is our top choice this fall), make some Ganache and toasted almonds to top our ice cream and...plug in my laptop. Yes even I imagine the record scratch sound effect as I write this last line. 

No, this isn't some crazy rationalization for combining work with pleasure. Rather, we've discovered that Ted is an engaging companion for our in-house date nights. For several years we've both known of this site and have visited it on our own from time to time. Only recently did we figure out that these eighteen minute talks have the ability to carry our conversations well beyond the typical dialogues that we as married couples circle back to with the predictability of homing pigeons.

And so, on this Friday night I offer up three of my personal favorites. I hope you enjoy Ted's company as much as we have.


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