Saturday, November 19, 2011


I'm a total sucker for book lists. This is no exception. Kate managed to pull together a wide selection of titles that will accommodate lots of different types of little book listeners. I identified at least two Christmas presents within the mix.

It's something I've thought a lot about. I never want to be mistaken as a paparazzi by my own children or have them feel as though their every move will be captured online in some regard. The potential exist if I'm not careful. 

Jon Acuff's posts displays just how much the littlest among us pick up on our somewhat complex relationship with social media.

From where I stand this is an extreme approach to the whole eating issue.  Author Renee does not mess around in this department and it sounds as though her family has benefited greatly from her mindfulness. 

I suppose I see this piece as an exercise in swinging the pendulum far to one side in hopes of gleaning some new insight along the way. In our case it amounted to revising snack time by excluding crackers and in its place adding nuts, olive oil popped corn and fruits and veges. The toddler's mealtimes have improved dramatically as a result.

I made these cookies for homegroup this week to finish off our Lentil Sloppy Joe dinner. They were amazing and frankly everything on sounds equally incredible. I've felt like a kid in the candy shop this week perusing this site; there are so many delicious looking, healthy recipes! 

Heidi just released a cookbook too - Super Natural Every Day - which would make a great Christmas gift for the cooks in your life. 

I know that many of you are already familiar with Tsh over at Simple Mom. Right now she's leading us through steps to simplify our holiday season. I've written a fair amount on this subject for various outlets. 

Still, it was news to me that you can order stamps online here and they'll arrive the next day in your mailbox with a mere dollar processing fee (no shipping). I received 200 today without stepping foot in the post office. 


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