Monday, January 2, 2012

Half Way Through Eight

I wrote a few weeks back about the halfs

My big girl just turned the corner of eight on New Year's Day. It is less dramatic than the infamous 3 1/2. Still, her fingers are wiggling and curling in all sorts of strange ways, she had fifths on dinner tonight, she is standing on her head more often that usual and tears seem to rest closer to the surface these days.

If I'm entirely honest, I've been ruminating on things other than my big girl's half. I fully embrace the reboot that New Year's offers and have a mental list a mile long of all that I'd like to revise and do differently in the coming year. 

Still, for the sake of documenting this sweet wiggly life before me I thought I'd try to sum Hannah up with eight short (I promise) thoughts. 

She is electric. 

Not hyper, electric. There's an energy she brings to every single situation that brightens the scene (and also zaps the introverted mother's wattage with its constancy at times).

She is maternal and nurturing. 

Hannah looks out for Hailey in big and small ways each day. She also takes great joy in rounding up any and all toddlers to be found for a spontaneous circle time. 

Hannah is an explorer with huge imagination.

Phil and I often say that this child was meant to live on a farm. I suppose that the Pacific Ocean and all its wonders will have to do. She gets lost in these spaces - they center her in incredible ways.

She is very inquisitive and looks to Phil for answers...and more problems to solve. On their Monday commute they cover topics like time zones and the outer atmosphere. Thankful they have each other.

Hannah is optimistic and incredibly loyal. She has a remarkable ability to see the best in people and in most situations (unless it involves the dentist's office). I believe she inherited the happy gene from Phil and for this I'm eternally grateful.

Happy half  HGS. You are indeed God's grace in my life.


*One more shout out to Raya for the incredible pictures!